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Modern Momentum Solutions offers service based businesses a true growth opportunity. We use comprehensive strategies to help funnel clients to your business. Getting you more bookings and closing more deals using web based technologies including creating multiple web funnels, search engine optimization, and AI chat bots that can be integrated to your social media accounts or existing web funnels.


Reputation Management

Empower your team to resolve customer issues faster. Our AI chatbot handles initial responses to negative reviews, freeing your team to personalize follow-up with unhappy customers.


Unified Messaging

Simplify communication and streamline workflows with our unified messaging platform. Manage all your interactions - emails, texts, calls - in one central location.


Appointment Automation

Effortlessly schedule appointments 24/7. Our automated system empowers clients to book appointments at their convenience, freeing your team to focus on core tasks.


Lead Management

Cultivate high-quality leads and nurture them into loyal customers with our comprehensive lead management system. Track interactions, automate follow-up, and convert leads into sales opportunities effortlessly.

Our premium package includes

  • Dedicated Developer

  • Website Funnel Publishing

  • Seo Optimization

  • 2 Ticket Requests with a 48 Hour turn around.

  • Trello board ticket submission system

  • Priority Status level support

  • Website and Social Media AI chat bot integration.

  • Our CRM solution

We will build a funnel for you!

Don't have a website? Not to worry, we can build a funnel for you! You just provide some details on your business and we handle the rest!

  • A central place for unified messaging

  • Calendar Scheduling and Automation

  • Lead Management

Choose your plan and upgrade or cancel any time no commitments!

Find the perfect fit, effortlessly. Choose your plan, upgrade or downgrade seamlessly, and cancel anytime – with complete flexibility.

Take control of your growth today! Explore our solutions and see how we can help you thrive.

Struggling to attract new clients? We can help! Whether you're a seasoned business or a budding startup, our solutions are designed to grow your customer base. Boost leads and convert them into sales with our easy-to-use social media and website chatbots.

Our Pricing



Dedicated Developer

Website Publishing

Trello Board

SEO Optimization

1 Request per week

AI Chat Bot

$2500 /mo.



Dedicated Developer

Website Publishing

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

2 Request per 48 hours

AI Chat Bot

$3500 /mo.



Dedicated Developer

Website Publishing

Seo Optimization

2 Ticket Request per 48 hours

Priority level support

AI Chat Bot

CRM Solution

$5500 /mo.

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